February 27, 2023

How Can YOU Help Polar Bears?

polar bear family
Polar Bear Female With Cubs Along the Beaufort Sea (Photo Credit: USFWS)

In honor of Polar Bear Day 2023, we're resharing this Q&A we did in 2021!

For International Polar Bear Day, we did a Q&A with Twinkl. Read the article here, and learn how we affect polar bears by checking out our interview:

What is the biggest problem that polar bears face today? Polar bears rely on Arctic sea ice to hunt their favorite prey--seals! These apex predators wait for seals to pop up through breathing holes in the ice, and then try to snatch them for a meal. Scientists say Arctic sea ice is shrinking at an alarming rate due to climate change. If it continues to shrink, polar bears and other Arctic animals that rely on the sea ice will have to find ways to adapt. If they don't, they won't survive.

How can we all play a part in helping polar bears? Learning about polar bears, Arctic ecosystems, and climate change are great first steps! The more we know as individuals and as a society, the more inclined we'll be to want to help.

Tips on how we can combat climate change? Try to limit how much you and your family impact the environment. It can be easy! Start small. Turn lights off when they're not in use, don't use more water than you need to when living your day-to-day life, and carpool to use less gas. Share what you know about polar bears, sea ice, and climate change with other people, so they can be aware of how their actions affect these magnificent animals as well.

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