January 7, 2017

Introducing Marine Science for Kids

Marine Science for Kids
Click on this image to pre-order Marine Science for Kids, coming June 1, 2017!

After Zoology for Kids was released in March 2015, we were blown away by the responses we received from reviewers and bloggers, parents and grandparents, teachers and homeschoolers, and kids of all ages. From start to finish, it took about two years to bring Zoology for Kids from pitch to published work, and it had been a long journey indeed.

However, by the time Zoology for Kids was released, our heads were already swimming with ideas for a next book. This time, we wanted to go under the sea. Tackling a Zoology for Kids-caliber book on ocean life would have been difficult enough, but we wanted to take readers even further. We wanted to explore aquatic ecosystems from top to bottom—covering everything from the chemistry of seawater and the geography of the ocean floor to the vast array of life in saltwater and freshwater environments.

Marine Science for Kids: Exploring and Protecting Our Watery World was born. Our publisher, Chicago Review Press, gave the project a green light in May 2015, and now, nearly two years later, we're ready to announce that the book is almost ready. It'll be officially released for sale on June 1, 2017—just in time for World Oceans Day on June 8!

As part of Chicago Review Press' award-winning For Kids series, Marine Science for Kids will include 21 hands-on, cross-curricular activities, including science experiments, arts and crafts, edible projects, and group games. Like Zoology for Kids, the new book will include tons of beautiful color photographs and illustrations, as well as Cool Career sidebars and stories from real-life marine scientists. The book is recommended for ages 9 and up.

Here is the official description for the book, which—we're pleased to announce—is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Marine Science for Kids:

Exploring and Protecting Our Watery World, Includes Cool Careers and 21 Activities 

By Josh and Bethanie Hestermann, Foreword by Stephanie Arne

A colorful, comprehensive, friendly guide to exploring the underwater world

Marine Science for Kids is a colorful, comprehensive, friendly guide to exploring the underwater world. While including all the ocean animals kids love, it delves much deeper into the complete science of aquatic study, including geology, chemistry, and biology in both salt- and freshwater environments and more accurately reflecting the real-world study and practice of aquatic science. Kids discover how and why oceans move, and learn the answers to questions such as "Why is the ocean blue?" They meet cool creatures including sharks and rays, penguins and other seabirds, whales and dolphins, squids and octopuses, and many more. They discover some of the most pressing challenges facing marine environments but are left feeling hopeful that they can use their talents to make a difference. Real-life marine scientists share what inspires them every day so kids can learn more about these exciting careers. Hands-on, cross-curricular activities in each chapter—including science experiments, arts and crafts, edible projects, and group games—make learning fun.

We'll be providing even more details about the new book as it gets closer to the release date. Thank you for your continued support of our work!

2 comments on “Introducing Marine Science for Kids”

  1. Hi, Zan Ocean and Agroforest Organization based in Zanzibar, Tanzania formed by graduate student in marine science , Aquaculture ,Forest and Agriculture in 2020. these group of Youth wish to transmit their knowledge to their young/kids (primary) student with the knowledge of marine science, unfortunately in our country we do not have syllabus for kids to learn these thing. and we have program to train all schools in Zanzibar. could you help us with the copy of books that will help and simplify our initiatives.?

    1. Hello, can you please tell us how many copies of "Marine Science for Kids" you are requesting? We can look into what it would take to send.

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