April 21, 2023

Green Parenting Tips for Earth Month

Let’s talk about green parenting! 🌱  

If you have kids, convenience rules ... WE GET IT! But if you’re looking to make your family life a little greener, check out some of the ways we try to cut back on waste in our everyday lives.

#1 Cloth cleaning wipes instead of paper towels 🧽  

UPDATE! We currently use Marley's Monsters UN-paper towels and no longer recommend the FinalWipe system pictured above.

#2 Cloth diapers 💩 

Cloth diapering is not as bad as it seems!! And it cuts back on so much waste compared to disposables. Although both of our kids are now potty trained, we recommend bumgenius pocket diapers!

#3 Reusable water bottles 💧

Many of you probably already do this! A reusable water bottle makes it easy to bring drinks on the go without adding single-use plastics to landfills. We use a few different kinds, including Yeti and Simple Modern tumblers for the kids, and Owala tumblers for us.

#4 Bamboo toothbrushes 🪥

Toddlers learning to brush go through toothbrushes fast, and those plastic toothbrushes are yet another form of plastic waste! We found a more sustainable option to help our kids practice brushing with a manual brush, bamboo toothbrushes!

UPDATE: We also use biodegradable flossers for the kids.

#5 Reusable snack containers 🥨 

Reusable snack containers instead of plastic baggies! We have these refillable pouches for things like yogurt and applesauce. 

#6 Hand-me-down clothes, books, toys, and games ♻️ 

Hand-me-downs are a wonderful way to reduce and reuse! Ask around your network for anyone ready to pass items along or buy used, and then donate or pass along when you’re done! 

What tips would you add?

Happy Earth Month! 🌎

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