Cool Creature Club™

Learn all about our super-affordable digital subscription service for young zoologists and their families. Now accepting charter funds for homeschoolers!
Join the Club!
Cool Creature Club™ is a digital subscription for young zoologists and their families. Meet a new cool creature every month! 

Our PDF downloads are packed full of fun facts, illustrations, stories, and activities designed to keep kids curious, expand their animal knowledge, introduce them to zoology, and get them outside.

Created by experts

We're a zoologist + writer team, and we've written seven animal-science books for kids. (We're parents, too.)


Unlike monthly subscription boxes, we won't send you plushies or trinkets that'll end up in landfills.

FREE Welcome Kit

Get started right away with activities, a Cool Creature Club™ certificate, & more.

Collect them all

Compile your Cool Creature Club™ packets into your very own encyclopedia.
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