Guide to Camping with Young Kids

Camping with young kids is intimidating. This guide has everything you need to get started (and more)!
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Ever wondered what the secret is to camping with young kids?

🤷‍♀️ Do you have to have perfectly well-behaved kids?

🤷‍♂️ Do you have to have a whole garage full of expensive gear?

🤷 Do you have to be the kind of family that eats kale and plays with sticks instead of toys?

None of the above!

Camping with young kids is overwhelming. We felt that way too!

But we worked through it, and now we're those people who camp all the time. (Our 2.5-year-old has been to six National Parks and counting! We once camped 10 times in a single year!)

We get asked a lot ... but HOW?!

So we've put together a guide with all our secrets. It's the guide we wish we had when we felt overwhelmed by the thought of camping with kids!
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The 12-page Guide to Camping with Young Kids includes:

Getting Started: Learn where you're allowed to camp and how to pick the best campground and campsite for you.
Top 5 Tips: Learn how to snag a reservation (they really do fill up in minutes!), plus other top tips for a successful trip!
Tips & Hacks: Over a dozen tricks and hacks to help make your family camping experience as fun as possible!
Packing List: A comprehensive packing list for camping with kids AND links to gear we recommend. (If you're starting from scratch with camping gear, you need this!)
Meal Planning: Use our meal planning worksheet to get organized and our meal ideas sheet for inspiration.
Campsite Activities: A campsite scavenger hunt and conversation starters for around the campfire. Print these out before you leave!
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